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Industrial Style Steel Furniture

Steel Style Furniture

Sustainability is our top priority

At Carbon and Steel Ltd, we’re committed to helping you put a unique spin on your sense of interior decoration with our range of steel style furniture. Our products are the perfect blend of style and sustainability, as all of the steel we use can be completely recycled, and our furniture is also made using fast-growing silver birch to minimise our environmental impact.

Our furniture is steel, but there are no carbon copies.

Our steel furniture is the perfect thing to make your living room or business stand out. Between the quality metalwork and the freshly sourced wood that we use, we have created a product that cannot easily be replicated. That means all of our steel and wood products are stylish and unique. Carbon and Steel Ltd.’s steel style furniture is made by dedicated British steelworkers, with each and every item made to last.

Perfect for professionals

Working from home has never been more popular. That's why we have a range of steel furnishings perfect for your home office, whether you're looking for something practical or something to add a personal flourish to your workspace.

Handmade rustic furniture that you can rely on

Whether you're decorating your living room, bedroom, or you just want something nice in the hallway, our raw steel furnishings are the perfect thing to add that handcrafted touch. Our furniture is made to last, no matter what your kids or pets might throw at it.

The UK's alternative to plastic furniture

So far, our rustic wood-and-steel furniture has been a hit all across the UK, from people decorating their homes to businesses across the retail and hospitality sectors. The best part is, with our furniture, you’ll never have to worry about the ecological impact of cheap, disposable plastic furnishings ever again.